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Wellness and Sport massage

This relaxing massage is calming down the system, providing a sense of well-being, improving the blood circulation and stimulating the body's lymphatic system.
The sport massage is deeper and works out the knots. Strong tension in combination with Cupping massage
25 min / CHF 80
50 min / CHF 120
80 min / CHF 180


Hot Stone massage

Boosts metabolism and digestion, helps with detoxification and stimulates the lymphatic flow, the tissue is strengthened.
Stress is reduced and sleep problems are alleviated.
50 min / CHF 130
80 min / CHF 190


Foot reflexology

The foot reflexology is concentrated mostly on the inner organs
25 min / CHF 80
50 min / CHF 120 


Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is releasing "blocked" areas. It improves physical and athletic performance through the rhythmic application of thumbs, knuckles, forearms & elbows. It is the "dance of massage".
80 min / CHF 180


Face and/or Head massage                                                                                        

Facial massage technique releases the muscles of the face and head to help bring clarity
of the mind, release emotional stress, stimulate circulation, relieve sinus congestion, relax tense
muscles, and improve muscle tone which can decrease wrinkles and improve complexion.
25 min / CHF 80





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